AGM 2022

AGM 2022

NCG AGM – 7pm Thursday 31st March at Newent Memorial Hall

The links below provide access to the agenda, AGM minutes 2021 and various reports.  It’s always difficult to know whether there’s too much to wade through.  It’s there for you if you want to know more about what’s going on. If you’re able to make it to the AGM there’s an opportunity for further questions, however, if you have something you’d like answered and are not able to attend the AGM please drop me an email: and it can be addressed at the meeting.

Martin forwarded Stephen Owen’s lovely email which makes heart warming reading.  I’ve also included some words from Howard which, at my request, he sent for those who don’t know him.  Mike’s report reflects the work he has done looking into our structure and changes that need to be made.  Steve’s report is about the new solar farms and their potential for cycleways and mine is about progress with the Newent – Gloucester Cycleway and Forest of Dean Active Travel. 

Martin has emailed a request, at the opening of the AGM, to explain a bit more about what the committee is trying to achieve with all the various projects. 

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